Asociaţia Culturală Officina Sonora is based in Bucharest and was born in 2019. We love sound in all its forms, from recording to sound sculpture. What we do are projects that involve everyone, from school children to art exhibitions. In our projects we build sound sculptures, draw the soundscape, write sound stories, build sound chairs for both therapeutic and personal purposes. If you are a teacher, a company, an institution or a simple sound lover, write us to get all the information about our projects and workshops


Romania Sonora is a multimedia, artistic and itinerant project that aims to promote Romania. The vision is inspired by the desire to investigate the close relationship between the Romanian territory and its sound memory. As each community has certain landmarks that distinguish it and give it a unique vibe, so does each community have a sound imprint, a certain unique sound that make it special. Each soundscape has its own history, which, together with the territory, changes as time goes by, or sometimes even disappears.


As 2020 is, among others, the International Year of Sound, we decided to celebrate it by performing, by using our sound armchair, a series of labs revolving around the idea of sound awarness .

With that in mind, our first stop was the Gymnasium for the Visually Impaired, where we thought the sound armchair could be quite an immersive experience for the children. Our workshops took place between 26 February – 5 March and it was a wonderful experience for us as well.

Sound my chair is an experiential project that involves the public through the use of the sound armchair created by the Officina Sonora team.

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This year marks the centenary of the first performance of Socrate drame symphonique (1920), work for piano and voice by the composer Erik Satie. Constantin Brancusi, close friend of the French composer, has created to pay homage to the splendid work of his friend, a sculpture that takes the proper name of “Socrates” and which today is among his most important. This is an itinerant project and includes an exhibition of works of art created by Riccardo Toccacielo on the figure of Erik Satie, the creation of new ones dedicated to friendship with Brancusi and the execution of Satie’s symphonique drama.


– The project – soon
Erik Satie artworks by Riccardo Toccacielo
– Socrate, Satie e Brancusi

excerpt of Erik Satie art exhibition