Romania Sonora is a multimedia, artistic and itinerant project that aims to promote Romania. The vision is inspired by the desire to investigate the close relationship between the Romanian territory and its sound memory. As each community has certain landmarks that distinguish it and give it a unique vibe, so does each community have a sound imprint, a certain unique sound that make it special. Each soundscape has its own history, which, together with the territory, changes as time goes by, or sometimes even disappears.

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Vibrazioni is an experiential project that involves the public through the use of the Nowhere, the sound armchair created by the Officina Sonora team.

Four loudspeakers are installed inside the sound armchair and it is possible to transmit any type of music, sounds or frequencies. This allows the seated person to be wrapped in sound and to live a unique sensorial experience thanks to the sound vibrations transmitted over the entire armchair.




This year marks the centenary of the first performance of Socrate drame symphonique (1920), work for piano and voice by the composer Erik Satie. Constantin Brancusi, close friend of the French composer, has created to pay homage to the splendid work of his friend, a sculpture that takes the proper name of “Socrates” and which today is among his most important. This is an itinerant project and includes an exhibition of works of art created by Riccardo Toccacielo on the figure of Erik Satie, the creation of new ones dedicated to friendship with Brancusi and the execution of Satie’s symphonique drama.


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Erik Satie artworks by Riccardo Toccacielo
– Socrate, Satie e Brancusi